Welcome to Mograph Candy, a learning network for Cinema 4D users new and old. I'm Dan Conrad, a broadcast editor/designer by trade and a Cinema 4D guru by night.

The goal of MographCandy.com is to show how accessible Cinema 4D is to the masses. Read a post. Watch a tutorial. In the end I hope it gives you a couple more minutes at the end of the workday to do what you love.

I've been a broadcast editor/designer for seven years and the goal is always to finish the day not in a panic. If there is a tool or shortcut that can help with that. I'm all for it. It all starts with learning the tool you think that will get the job done the fastest. Learning Cinema 4D doesn't have to be a race to the finish line. You can learn in batches and grow your skill set as you go.

Keep coming back to MographCandy.com if you want to expand your knowledge base or stay on top of the newest motion graphics techniques.

 - Dan Conrad // Motion Graphics Show Reel

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