Cinema 4D Xpresso Tutorial: Global Position Drives Real-Time MoText Values

In this Cinema 4D Xpresso tutorial, I will show how to link a randomly moving sphere's global position to a MoText Object so the global position of the sphere is the text displayed in real-time by the MoText Object in the viewport. I also show you how to convert Real numbers to Integer Numbers for a cleaner display readout if you want whole numbers.

Nodes used in this exercise are:

  • Vector to Reals
  • Math 

Practical applications of this technique could be for scientific animations where a value is displayed as the animation is occurs, the current height of a bouncing ball, or showing the distance a car has travelled.

This tutorial is a gentle study in Xpresso, so it is well suited for those who aren't trained in the node based setup.

Xpresso Setup for Random Numbers

Xpresso Setup for Random Numbers

As a bonus I also show you how you can continuously update the name of the sphere in the Object Tab to that of the position of the sphere.  Could be a useful way to find values with looking in attribute managers.