R15 Architectural Interiors: Cinema 4D Training Review

You don’t need high end computers, you just need the right settings.
— Matthew O'Neil, 3D Fluff

R15 Architectural Interiors Cinema 4D Training Series from Matthew O'Neil of 3DFluff.com might as well be called Advanced Tips For Serious Cinema 4D Users.

This is not a paint by numbers series of building a storefront as I expected. It is much more than that.  You are provided the scene and then Matthew O'Neil troubleshoots the scene with you and shows you common mistakes and how to overcome them.

The actual architectural parts are the first two videos. You are shown how to properly import 3D CAD data and the DO and DON'TS of building a architectural scene. The lesson learned here is that time spent up front will save headaches on the back end.

  • Learn to properly Scale models
  • Use Instances to speed up workflow
  • How to use IES lighting
  • Prepping HDRs
  • Create realistic materials
  • Optimize Global Illumination settings for fast renders
  • Physical Render settings explained.

Most of the training is all about managing your project for speed and efficiency through the use of Instances, layers, and other optimization techniques. Trips into the Preferences Settings are common.

The grand daddy of the series is the Global Illumination video. Matthew explains the pros and cons of the GI settings and shows you the ONE CHECKBOX TO ENABLE in order to speed up your renders nearly 50%!  Why is it unchecked by default?  Well, he explains that too. 

Matthew O'Neil knows his Cinema 4D. He does not sound scripted nor does he stumble over what he says.  His confidence in the program extends to the viewer.

You can find the training here: http://www.3dfluff.com/video/r15interiors/