Cinema 4D Pop Quiz! Why Isn't My Delay Effector Working?

Recently someone emailed me asking why their Delay Effector was not working on their MoText Object. I looked at the project file and went straight to what I thought was the culprit but everything appeared to be setup correctly at first glance. What do you think the problem was?

Download the project file and see if you can figure out what the problem is, then watch the video for the answer.


Delay Effector: Prevents sudden start and stop of movements in Mograph. Set to Spring to give a more realistic end to an animation. The Delay Effector saves you time from having to keyframe the animation ease.


Domenico Tedone,, wrote in and offered this additional tip if you already have a complex keyframed animation applied to an object. "If you still want to use keyframes, you can simply put the MoText Object under a Fracture Object with Delay assigned to it."