Superhero Materials With The Cinema 4D Reflectance Channel

Are you ready to easily make realistic materials? The new Reflectance Channel combined with the Physical Render engine in Cinema 4D lets you do just that. The new Reflectance Channel combines Color, Specular and Reflection into one channel. You can even add Bump and Normal maps to the material channels. In fact, you can disable everything and just build up the material with the Reflectance Channel.

I was a bit concerned when I heard about this "new" reflection channel. Right away I thought, "Great, something new I have to learn." The good news is that if you understand layers and blending modes, you won't have any trouble building up a material.

The best way to learn the new Reflectance Channel is to just dive in and experiment. That's exactly what I did using the Iron Man helmet. I wanted to see how easy it was to make a realistic metal material with scratches and damage. Don't forget to play with different projection modes because those impact the way the material is rendered.

Watch the tutorial to see how I went about creating materials for the Iron Man helmet with little knowledge of the new Reflectance Channel.

The Iron Man helmet model can be found here:

Anisotropic Settings In Cinema 4D Anistropic

I continued to adjust the Anisotropic settings to get this final result. I played with projection methods, re-projection, and various anistropic settings.

Below are damaged Iron Man helmets created with various Layer Masks on the gold color layer. Underneath was another another base silver layer. I used the Rust Shader to created a worn black and white mask and added it into the legacy bump channel as well.

The concept of Layers and Blend modes in materials in Cinema 4D is nothing new but it becomes of great importance when working with the Reflectance Channel. Many people first learn about layers and blend modes in Photoshop, so if you are a beginner or need a refresher course you might want to check out a Lynda class or two.

Lynda Training Courses For Blending Modes 

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