Greyscalegorilla's Signal: A Review

This review is based off of four weeks of on and off experimentation with the plugin Signal from Greyscalegorilla.

  • What Signal is: The Vibrate Tag On Steroids With The Control Of MoGraph
  • What Signal is NOT: An Automatic Animation Machine
  • What I Wish Signal Had: A Single Interface

Signal makes it easy to animate without keyframes. It also makes it difficult to know exactly what is going on in a large project. Multiple Tags is the main problem with this tool. Three or four instances of the Signal Tag and you can quickly get lost what tag is doing what.

As soon as that happens you are basically back to the speed of adjusting keyframes. Hopefully, a future version finds a way to solve this with a single interface. Parameters are easily editable with the spline graph but with multiple tags to manage you don't get an overall view of your animation curves in one timeline.

You may think that Signal can speed up your workflow but my experimentation with it is that it actually is slowing me up because I have been "searching" and "experimenting" for a result rather than dialing in what I want out of the animation. That said, Signal IS a great experimentation tool.

The power of Signal are the Signal Scripts that come with the download. Use these to quickly setup a base Signal setup. The PSR script is real handy when it comes to creating text animations.

Find an animation you like? Just duplicate to another object or text and you are ready to go. No copying of keyframes. 

Who is Signal Made For?

Signal is not a plugin for beginners. It may make animating look easy, but it's got lots of tabs, modifiers, and sliders to get lost in. There are a bunch of sliders that do nothing but "show" or give "feedback" but I find all that to be clutter. 

To really make use of Signal, you have to know all the tools available in Cinema 4D to utilize the Plugin's drop and drag design. Signal in the hands of an Advanced Cinema 4D user could be something special.


If $129 USD can save you a hour of time. Then buy this plugin. I assume that's pretty much every Cinema 4D user.

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