Cinema 4D Luminance Channel Shadows

As a Cinema 4D beginner, you learn about different channels available in a material or shader.  Enable the Luminance Channel and throw a light into a scene and you may be surprised to see that there are no shadows in the scene.  This is because the Luminance Channel is light independent.

So what if you are going for that flat illustrative look that is so popular right now but also want shadows?

You have two options I am aware of:

Option 1: Use the Shadow Catcher Plugin in the Luminance Channel / / Link

Option 2: Instead of using the Luminance Channel, add the Color you want the flat look on into the Color Channel, but then add a Compositing Tag to the Object you want to accept shadows and enable Compositing Background. This gives you the same look as you would if you loaded the color into the Luminance Channel but with the benefit of receiving shadows in the scene.

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