Cinema 4D Lite: No Delay Effector? No Problem.

Cinema 4D Lite is exactly that… a lite version of Cinema 4D. If you are a seasoned Cinema 4D user who happens to sit at a computer with only Cinema 4D Lite installed, you will find yourself calling keyboard shortcut commands that do nothing.

A stripped down version of the Mograph Module is available with the Fracture Object along with the Plain and Random Effectors.  However, there is no Delay Effector that gives you a bit of spring or delay to your animations.

In Cinema 4D Studio, you can add an inertial action with a Delay Effector, Constraint Tag, or Jiggle Deformer. None of these options are available in Cinema 4D Lite, but there is a workaround that gives you something similar. 

Watch the video to learn how to use a Random Effector to give some "spring" to your animations.