Making Paper Part 1 By Pingo: A Review

Making Paper Part 1 is Pingo Van Der Brinkloev's behind the scenes look of "It's Paper", which was a Vimeo Staff Pick and has over 200,000 views on Vimeo.

It’s Paper started out as an iStockphoto project that didn’t sell so I created a short film from the clips that got some attention. From that I recieved a lot of questions on how I did it and decided to make a tutorial to demostrate the technique.
— Pingo Van Der Brinkoev

Making Paper Part 1 is divided up into four episodes:

  • Spline and Extrude Modeling
  • Scene Layout
  • Animation With Splines and Cloners
  • Shading and Rendering With Global Illumination and Sky Objects

Lots of beginner topics are covered and the series has something for all Cinema 4D levels but if you are a complete beginner you will have to come back to this training since this video requires you to have a basic understanding of Cinema 4D. Think of it as being an Advanced Beginner.

For example, Global Illumination is applied to the scene after a Physical Sky object is added to achieve the bright white look but none of it is explained why. Now this might not be necessary for many viewers but if you are an absolute beginner and have never heard of Global Illumination or know how a Sky Object works you might just think it's all magic.

What Making Paper Part 1 does do is show you is the behind the scenes process of a finished Cinema 4D motion graphics project. The end result is more than a five second tutorial example.

I have always enjoyed watching breakdowns of VFX shots and motion graphics spots to see what it took to pull off.  In this example, the fun is in the R+D in developing the look and concept, and then you see how you must repeat the idea for each scene for the final product. 

Making Paper Part 1 is available to rent or own at Vimeo On Demand. Below you can watch Pingo's introduction video to the series.