Cinema 4D Studio: A Quickstart Tutorial

In this Cinema 4D Studio Quickstart Tutorial, I show you functions that are not available in Cinema 4D Lite. If you watched the Cinema 4D Lite Quickstart some principles are reiterated in this tutorial but I take the steps to the end with a complete animation.

Why a Cinema 4D Studio AND Cinema 4D Lite Quickstart Tutorial?  Quite frankly, if you had a full version would you bother watching a Cinema 4D Lite Quickstart Tutorial? As great as C4D Lite is, it is still pretty limiting once you grasp the basic concepts.

Short Answer: If 3D text and importing stocking 3D models is all you need, then C4D Lite is for you. If you want to turn some heads and be taken serious about your motion graphics skills then the full Studio version is what you need to learn. Unfortunately, nobody is going to be impressed with "Cinema 4D Lite" on a resume.

Topics covered beyond the Cinema 4D Lite Quickstart tutorial are:

  • Dynamics
  • Mesh Modes
  • Particles
  • Rotation Issues
  • Projection Modes
  • Compositing Tags


BONUS VIDEO: Advanced Hamburger Dynamics

In this bonus video, we take the dynamics simulation a step further so all the pieces of the hamburger fall seperately during the simulation.