Cinema 4D Lite: A Quickstart Tutorial

Interested in learning Cinema 4D but want to try it before you buy it? Cinema 4D is one of the easiest 3D programs to learn.  Now After Effects CC comes with a version of Cinema 4D called Cinema 4D Lite. It's s stripped down version of Cinema 4D that gives you a taste of what 3D is all about. The benefit is that you can work beyond the time limitations of a demo because Cinema 4D Lite is integrated into Adobe After Effects compositions.

Maxon is running a contest right now at It entails using Cinema 4D Lite and After Effects to create a "boxing" themed animation. I created this tutorial as a primer for someone who would like to participate but has never used Cinema 4D. I use assets that are available to download at the website.  NOTE: I have no affiliation with Maxon nor am I a judge in the competition.  I decided to make this tutorial to help out those who would like to participate in the contest.

Even if you have a full version of Cinema 4D, this tutorial is a great beginners tutorial to get up to speed with Cinema 4D's amazing motion graphics capabilities.

In this Cinema 4D Lite Quickstart Tutorial you will learn:

  • How to Import Cinema 4D files into After Effects
  • Start a new Cinema 4D Lite project in After Effects
  • Project and Render Settings
  • User Interface Overview
  • Discussion of Modes and Generators
  • Basic Keyframe Animation
  • Deformers
  • How to Make 3D Text with Extrude Nurbs
  • Fracture Object
  • Random Effector
  • Xpresso Time Node
  • SweepNurbs