The Best Free Nitro4D Cinema 4D Plugins Not Named Thrausi

You have no doubt used Thrausi to break up geometry for your explosions. Where would you be without Magic Preview? Nitroman's amazing, almost instant, render preview window for Cinema 4D. And Magic Solo no doubt has helped you easily get at objects and make changes to them with a simple click. 

Nitro4D's Thrausi used to quickly break apart geometry. Automatically adds Dynamic Tags.

Nitro4D's Thrausi used to quickly break apart geometry. Automatically adds Dynamic Tags.

Nitroman of has given so much to the Cinema 4D community a simple thanks wouldn't be enough. It's time to take a look at some of the unsung heroes of the list of free plugins he has written but do not get all the glamour.

I would like to highlight a couple of Nitro 4D's plugins that I feel would be useful to any motion graphics artist using Cinema 4D in an extreme deadline driven environment. Many of these plugins automate tasks or group them into one simple interface for quick results.

NOTE: These are the ones I like and find the most stable to use other than the formentioned plugins.

Magic Paint: Easily create 3D organic looking shapes and letters in real-time. Can also be animated at the click of a button. Although not an efficient use of polygons since it uses the Meta-ball, it gets the job done in a snap. It’s the perfect tool for creating fun looking idents and TVCs.

Magic Sweep: Sweep geometry onto splines. Similar to cloning multiple objects onto a spline using a Cloner Object. Combines many Mograph steps into a single plugin.

Magic Mesh 3.0: Records every step of your modeling process then lets you animate it back and forth.  Can also be used as a teaching tool to show the modeling process step by step.

Magic Slow Motion: One Click slow motion effects allow you to get your Bullet Time on.

Magic Book: Flipping through pages has never been easier. Load an image path and start flipping pages to your hearts desire.