Cinema 4D Tutorial | Model a Submarine

This For Beginners Only tutorial shows you how to take a parametric capsule object in Cinema 4D and turn it into a submarine.

This Mograph Candy tutorial is a bit of a companion piece to my recent post *Top 10 Cinema 4D Modeling Tips for Beginners* at Check it out if you haven't yet and add your tips to the comments. I wanted to include a quick tutorial on some basic modeling and since spoons and bowls have been overdone, I decided to create a submarine.

In this tutorial, we will model a basic submarine using:

  • Parametric Objects
  • Extrudes
  • Extrude Inners
  • Bevel Tool
  • Slide Tool
  • Modeling With Deformers

We will just bypass the texturing and majority of the details and just cover the basics of taking a capsule parametric object and turning it into a submarine.