Cinema 4D Tutorial | Polygon Reduction Tool Techniques

You see a lot of the Polygon Reduction Tool in use to create a Low Poly look in Cinema 4D.  It's a magic wand of sorts for that kind of effect when combined with a reduction in the phong angle on a Phong Tag.

The Polygon Reduction deformer works hard to reduce the number of polygons in the chosen object quickly and accurately - this is its mission in life.
— Cinema 4D Help

The Polygon Reduction Tool, found under the Deformers tab, can be as much of a utility tool as an artistic tool.  Use it to reduce the density of polygons on a mesh to make a scene or simulation more manageable by decreasing render times and using less memory.  This can be especially useful for a model that was scanned with a 3D scanner, which are great but are not efficient in their use of polygons.  The below Triceratops 3D scan from Artec 3D has 2.75 million polygons.

Cinema 4D Tip: If the model is extremely high in polygon count and you don't immediately see a result after adding the Polygon Reduction Deformer, you may have to do a Current State To Object to do an initial reduction before being able to get finer control.

In this tutorial we will cover: