Cinema 4D Xpresso System Presets

Xpresso System Presets: Advanced

  • In Cylinder:  Trigger animation when an object enters the space of a Cylinder
  • GetNearestPoint: Calculate the distance between a point and the center of another object
  • GetNearestPointOnSpline: Find the nearest point on a segmented spline
  • Follow Spline: Using a spline's animation to trigger animation with no keyframes.

Xpresso System Presets: Calculations

  • Soft Target and Target:  Works similar to the Target Tag when one object eyes another
  • Vector Transition: Move an object between to vectors in space
  • Trigger Distance: Trigger an event based on the distance of two objects
  • Angle Distance: Drive an animation based on the difference in angles between two parameters

Xpresso System Presets: General

  • Action Timer & Time Control:  Animation is triggered by time through a start and stop frame in the timeline. (Action Timer is a C.O.F.F.E.E. script wrapped in a node)
  • Rotate:  Easily animate and offset rotation values.
  • Random Integer:  Gives a whole number to control all sorts of animation.  Input this into other nodes for results.  Basically the opposite of a Constant Xpresso Node.