Easy Logo Creation With Squarespace Logo Designer and Cinema 4D

You just got a new client.  Yeah!  You are going to do a website design and make an Explainer Video for them with the use of motion graphics.  Problem is they don't have a logo, or worse yet they forward you a Word Document with some unlicensed clip art.  What do you do?  There is no time to hire a graphic designer nor is there a budget to do so.  You have dabbled in logo design with Adobe Illustrator, but aren't confident you are going to get it done in a timely manner.  



Enter Squacespace Logo Designer, a web based app to create logos.  If you are looking for a minimalist style logo this is the app to use.  It's free for Squarespace users and ten bucks for everyone else. You only have to pay to download what you create.  You can download up to 5000px PNG.  It is easy to use and there are plenty of fonts and icons to get you started.  This is truly an unbelievable app that can help you make money as a designer! 

I quickly made a Doctors of Optometry logo to give it a try.  I then took a white on black JPEG of the logo into Cinema 4D and used the Vectorizer to create splines.  I dropped the Vectorizer underneath an Extrude Object and instantly had a 3D logo for the client.

Cinema 4D Quick Tip: Keep the Tolerance setting on the Vectorizer low or you will get really bad edges on the Extrude Object.

Check out this quick video to see how easy it is to create a logo in Squarespace Logo.  The second video is how to make it 3D in Cinema 4D.