3D Fluff's "R16 Polygon Modeling" Training Series: A Review

R16 Polygon Modeling is 3D Fluff's newest offering in it's Cinema 4D training series. First off, if you are expecting a crash course on how to use the new Polygon Pen in R16, you will be a bit disappointed. Hosted by Matthew O'Neil, and demonstrated by Alberto Blasi, R16 Polygon Modeling shows tried and true methods of Cinema 4D modeling.

Through a clever combination of knife cuts, bevels and edge manipulation, you will learn how to achieve smooth meshes without any unwanted lumps, bumps or stretching.
— 3DFluff.com

The training takes you through the steps of modeling a classic Chesterfield sofa. It's a complicated model with lots of detail in folds, creases, and repeating patterns. Using Symmetry, splines, and Mograph tools, the duo are able to quickly come up with the base model. You are shown several ways to optimize your mesh for use with the Subdivision Surface. And they demonstrate a little known tool used with points and edges. 

The devil is in the details as the bevel, brush and magnetic tools are used to give the sofa an organic feel in the end. Lesson to be learned. Just because the Cloner and Symmetry Objects do half the work for you, does not mean your job is done.

Although R16 Polygon Modeling lacks any use of the Polygon Pen, it's a good course for anyone wanting to move beyond basic box modeling skills in Cinema 4D R16.

The course is available for purchase at 3DFluff.com 

R16 Polygon Training shows you how to model a Chestfield sofa in Cinema 4D.

R16 Polygon Training shows you how to model a Chestfield sofa in Cinema 4D.