Who Reads Books About Cinema 4D? I Did, For You!

After Effects and Cinema 4D Lite: 3D Motion Graphics and Visual Effects Using CINEWARE by Chris Jackson is written for the After Effects artist who wants to add 3D animation to their workflow. The book is also a really good Introduction to Cinema 4D whether you have a Lite or Full version of Cinema 4D. Using many real world step by step examples, the book skews away from the "this button does that" language and focuses on the process.

By Chris Jackson. Book Cover Art Courtesy of © 2014 Focal Press, Taylor & Francis Group, an Informa Business

By Chris Jackson. Book Cover Art Courtesy of © 2014 Focal PressTaylor & Francis Group, an Informa Business

All the 3D animation basics are covered from setting up your first Cinema 4D scene, adding lights, and making extruded 3D text. The book is about learning through repetition with it's multiple examples covering everything you can and cannot do with Cinema 4D Lite.

Although modeling capabilities in Cinema 4D Lite are limited, Chris Jackson shows what is possible with fun exercises like a bowling scene, sports drink modeling, microbe creation, and film noir and science channel TV style idents. The book also has some tips on how to optimize your Cineware workflow when your system starts to get bogged down with complex scenes.

Most importantly, an entire chapter is dedicated to multi-pass rendering with Cineware, which is the main benefit of Cineware so you don't have to keep rendering passes.

The biggest downfall to a published book about learning Cinema 4D is that it's out of date before it's even published. Shortly after the publish date of this book, Adobe Creative Suite was updated and now has a Cineware update and uses a Lite version of Cinema 4D R16. Readers will have to figure out for themselves the differences.

The Reflectance Channel is one of the biggest changes in Cinema 4D R16 when working with materials. This book does not cover that, luckily I have a tutorial for you to better understand the new Reflectance Channel.

Tutorial: Experimenting With Reflectance In Cinema 4D

If you are completely new to Cinema 4D and need some material to supplement the mass amount of video tutorials on the internet, then this book is written for you.

Read more about the book at the Focal Press Website.

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