Mograph Candy Podcast #1: Pretty Nothing

In this Mograph Candy Podcast, I talk to Jeffrey Hill Associate Professor of Digital Media Production at Morehead State University.  Not only a teacher, Jeffrey is very active in producing long form content for broadcast on KET.  We discuss the challenges of producing content for broadcast including NLE systems, codec issues, and deliverables.  We also reminisce about our days at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale making films on 16mm film, editing on Steenbecks, and working on an Oxberry Animation stand.

Jeffrey and I also talk about challenges student-filmmakers face entering a media production program and getting ready for the job market after graduation.  Jeffrey stresses the "Reel" to his students early on in a Morehead State University program that offers the opportunity to be apart of 120 productions.

Lastly, they talk about the challenges of working on equipment that may not be part of  the latest tech-cycle and that it's not the equipment, but the story you tell.  Otherwise you get what Jeffrey calls, "Pretty Nothing"..... images without a story.