Cinema 4D Tutorial: Target a Particle From a Standard Emitter in Cinema 4D

In this Cinema 4D tutorial, I will show you how to make a camera follow a single particle from a standard emitter.  It's a simple setup that does not require any Xpresso.  Topics covered in this tutorial are:

  • Emitters
  • Tracer Objects
  • Motion Camera
  • Dynamics

By using a Mograph Tracer Object you can trace a path and have Cinema 4D's Motion Camera follow the path created by the Tracer.  You could even animate between paths with the Motion Camera in the Target sub-menu of the Motion Camera.   Use Target A1 Pos Slider to adjust the focus of the camera along the spline.

In the last part of the tutorial, I show you a brief Dynamics setup of the scene and fine tune the Dynamics settings in this particular setup so the particle does not deviate far from the intended path created by the Tracer Object.  Remember, if your Cinema 4D Dynamic Simulations are jittery or are causing odd intersections.  Go into your Project Settings (CMD+D, CTRL-D) ➝ Dynamics Tab ➝ Expert Tab, and turn up the Steps for a more accurate calculation.

One more thing to remember, if you want to change the focal length of the Motion Camera you can do it in the Focus Tab of the Motion Camera if the Enable Focus Control is enabled.  Otherwise, uncheck it and adjust the focal length in the object tab of the camera.