Cinema 4D Tutorial: Create an Aliens Themed Motion Movie Poster in Cinema 4D Using The Collision Deformer

In this Cinema 4D tutorial we are going to make a motion movie poster in Cinema 4D with the help of the Collision Deformer.   This deformer essentially emulates soft bodies and deforms the mesh in a non-destructive way.  This is by no means an exhaustive tutorial on using the Collision Deformer.  It merely scratches the surface but demonstrates how quickly you can get results from this powerful deformer with minimum knowledge.  I couldn't resist making this simple tutorial based off of one of films most iconic scenes.

Alien Poster from MoGraph Candy on Vimeo.

There is no better way to show off the coolness of this deformer than trying to emulate the Chestburster scenes in Alien and Aliens in the form of a motion movie poster.  I've preset a scene so we can focus on the functions of the deformer rather than the step by step procedure of setting up the lights and camera.

The goal of any motion movie poster should be to enhance the one-sheet experience of walking through a lobby to attract a captive audience and not just using it to display the movie trailer.   Project Scene File DOWNLOAD

Other Collision Deformer Resources

Jamie Hamel-Smith of has a good tutorial going over the Falloff tab with the Collision Deformer to create a gooey substance.

EQUILOUD ( further explains the benefits of the Collision Deformers and how you should look to it before Soft Bodies and Cloth.

Additional "Print to Motion" Links

Empire Online did a nice piece last year on motion movie posters, mostly online web advert examples.   @empiremagazine #empiremagazine

RED Digital Cameras and Photography for One Sheets

Photographer Alexx Henry ( has some great examples of "Print To Motion" .  More geared toward print and web ads but they show a what can be achieved with a motion poster or print ad.  This behind the scenes video of his process on one such photo is interesting because he explains how he didn't move away too much how he would approach the job from a print standpoint and he just adapted his photography techniques.