Cinema 4D Tutorial: Cloner Objects, Render Instances and the Shader Effector. A Triple Threat!

In this Mograph Candy Quick Tip, I show you an important step in setting up textures when using the Shader Effector.  Cinema 4D beginners can often get tripped up by not making sure all things necessary are checked in the tabs and materials.  

Effectors are what makes the Mograph module for Cinema 4D shine.  Each Effector has a use and some go untouched a lot of the time.  If you've ever added a Shader Effector to a Cloner Object with a gradient in the shading tab and enabled Render Instances you might have stumbled upon a gotcha where only one color is mapped across all the clones.  The answer is to make sure you create a material with a Color Shader in the color tab and use it on the Cloner Object.

Watch this tutorial as a I demonstrate the steps to using the Cloner Object's Render Instance feature, the Shader Effector, the Color Shader, and the Mograph Selection Tool.

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