Cinema 4D Tutorial: Shrink Wrap Your Candy In Cinema 4D And Then "Liquify" It In After Effects

In this Cinema 4D tutorial I show you how to wrap a foil wrapper around a piece of Hershey's Kiss candy.  We skip the modeling in this tutorial and focus on the technique of wrapping the candy.  You can download the simple model here:  Candy Model

Below is the commercial that I saw that inspired this tutorial.

With the help of the Shrink Wrap Deformer and a proxy object to assist the foil deformation, we are able to form a convincing wrapper in Cinema 4D.  We put the final modeling touches on the animation in Cinema 4D.  Yes, I said final modeling touches in After Effects!  Watch the tutorial to see how I used the Liquify effect in After Effects CS6 to quickly adjust the final modeling after the render out of Cinema 4D.  Albeit not a perfect solution, it is one way of getting a convincing result.

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