Best Fonts For Motion Graphics & Broadcast Video

A font is supposed to help convey a message and emotion.  It should be easy to read within the context of the spot and whatever it is superimposed over.  

Cinema 4D Tutorial | Projecting Splines onto a Deformed Mesh

A rookie mistake when working with Extruded Text and deformed geometry is just to perform a standard Extruded Text Object without regard to the shape of the geometry you may be pairing the Extruded Text with.  The result is uneven extruded text that doesn't look stamped or molded of the geometry.

Cinema 4D Tutorial | Model a Submarine

This For Beginners Only tutorial shows you how to take a parametric capsule object in Cinema 4D and turn it into a submarine.

Top 10 Cinema 4D Modeling Tips For Beginners

Cinema 4D modeling. Where do you begin? Is there a right and wrong way to go about it? Polygonal modeling or spline modeling? Below are some tips to help you get started thinking about how to approach 3D modeling in Cinema 4D. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to become a better 3D modeler. 

Using USGS Data For Motion Graphics

If you are working on a motion graphics project where you need to provide some geographical information, the USGS website (United States Geological Survey) is going to be a good resource for you.  Best of all, most of the information and files on the USGS website are in public domain and free to use.

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator for Motion Graphics Artists

Cinema 4D Advanced Production Techniques: XPRESSO OVERVIEW PREVIEW BY Simon Fielder

Part of the training series available on Vimeo On Demand: Cinema 4D Advanced Production Techniques // Simon Holmedal, Paul Everett, Raphael Rau, Simon Fiedler, Derya and Douwe